womens role as caregiver

Women’s Role as Caregivers: Heroes Who Persist

We’d like to put a spotlight to a special role of a loved one who gives undying effort and sacrifices to their loved ones, as a way to reach out and promote an unsung group of heroes in the country: women caregivers. These ladies, who sacrifice personal relationships and work opportunities, deserve recognition for everything they’ve done.

womens role  as caregiver

Who are the Female Caregivers?

Predominantly (at 60% of caregivers in the country), women (middle-aged daughters and spouses) take up the responsibility of looking after older adults in a family. Additionally, at an average of 6.1 years, women caregivers are estimated to spend more time committing to caregiver tasks than men. These years, or 10% of a person’s adult life, show just how much female caregivers give up just being there for a relative.

Also, did you know that 25% of millennials today are caregivers? According to the AARP, the typical millennial caregiver is 27 years old, equally likely to be male or female. For women caregivers in this generation, juggling custodial care tasks with school or work may be a burden too heavy to bear.

Women and the hurdles she faces

Women are already in a not-so-good position when it comes to retirement planning, and the role of caregiver amplify this challenge. This role often sacrifices their ability and opportunity to plan brighter golden years for themselves. 

Yet,  She Persists

As essential caregiving is for retirees, is equally important as well. Women caregivers, particularly, need to be recognized for all of their efforts. From the stress they experience on a daily basis, to the financial troubles they go through (a mix of unpaid caregiving services and loss of employment opportunities), more people need to realize that these heroes are among us. And they need our support. They should be given the time and the opportunity to be able to plan for their future personal health care needs and retirement.

She persists, yes, but wouldn’t it be better if we give her a much-deserved breath of fresh air? Some rest and recreation for everything she gave up for? Women caregivers are icons, and they deserve respect and help from everyone!

I Am Woman (Caregiver), Hear Me Roar

If you know of any woman caregiver, please let them know how grateful you are for everything that they’ve done. Sometimes, all it takes is some positive acknowledgment to perk someone’s spirits up! If you are a female caregiver, then pat yourself on the back. You are a hero. Be proud of who you are. And we want you to know that someone cares for you.


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